If there weren't shiny crystals of universal doom and really lax super-criminal prison protocols, Marvel and D.C. would have little to write about.

There go all the jobs.

I'm 4-6 months late, but it seems wearable gadgets had their moment. Seemed to die slowly, not sure if it's dead yet, but maybe a Samsung jockstrap could stem the tide.

Zelda's Link has the same carnal, destructive nature within him as the Kool-Aid man.

I know, it's a low blow. I've got nothing against the city – only empathy. And frankly the rest of the country's infrastructure ain't tip top either.

Movie run time: 110 minutes.

Time spent on montage of partisan rhetoric news sound bytes: 102 minutes.

Check out all the variation of Monopoly in this wiki. It's well over 1000 themes.